Elnyert pályázat sajtóközleménye

Elnyert pályázat sajtóközleménye

H-TECH Gépipari Kft. has been operating as a family enterprise for 23 years. It was established as a limited partnership in 1991 and has been running as a limited liability company since 1998. The company is wholly owned by a family.

Managing Director István Heszler started the activities of metal cutting, metal works and tool making as a craftsman more than 45 years ago seconded by a staff of 3-4 people. Today, due to the growth of the purchase order portfolio, the company has an average staff of 30-50 employees.

Parallel to the development of the company, the size of the manufacturing workshop and the standard of quality have also increased continuously.

From 2002, production activities are carried out in our own advanced workshop of nearly 1,600 sq m.

The company’s main line of activity is the CNC turning, CNC machining, CNC milling of and assembling aluminium casts, drawn materials, brass and copper casts, and bar stock.

The company is a supplier to several renowned car manufacturers but also has partners outside the automotive industry.

H-TECH Gépipari Kft always strives to serve its customers’ needs to the highest possible standard. Our operation is characterised by accuracy, authenticity, precision, and reliability.