Our company provides CNC lathing, CNC milling and CNC machining of a variety of products.

Currently we produce parts in small, medium and large series, perform high-precision CNC milling, CNC lathing and CNC machining, mainly on aluminium, copper and brass parts and cast products.

Processes start from burring casts and goes to machining and assembly.

We can provide CNC machining of drawn metal, bar stock and painted cast stock.

Cast products are delivered semi-finished or finished up to the need of the client.

In case of customer requests, we provide product assembly and complete delivery jointly with our cooperating partners.

Pattern creation and measurement of series are performed by our modern 3D coordinate measurement machines to ensure top quality.

Our work is based on precision and thus, our machined products feature an impeccable look.

Our key values include top quality, good price and short terms of delivery to ensure compliance in terms of quality, quantity and packaging for our customers.